Digital Printed Stoles and Scarves

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Wearing scarves and stoles has become a style statement nowadays. Stoles and scarves add grace to the dressing. A good scarf or a stole can accentuate the way you dress up. We custom design stoles and scarves according to the latest fashion in vogue. We have a panel of experts who are well versed in custom designing products. You can take the help of our designers and decide on the colour and pattern of the scarves and stoles.

We use Giclee printing for getting the perfect colour and print of the designs. In Giclee printing, high resolution prints are produced with the help of ink-jet printers. These prints are known for their quality and durability. The colour of the print stays for almost 75 years!

Depending on the requirement and the type of fabric, we use various types of printing techniques. We have state-of-art printing equipment and techniques. Our technicians are experienced and keep upgrading the relevant knowledge with the changing trends in the industry.

We have all details updated in our website in various sections. If you want to contact us, please drop an email or leave a message through our contact number. Our service representative will get back to you with all the necessary information and a reasonable quote within 24 hours. You can trust us for quality work and the best results.