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We use multiple processes for printing and reactive printing is one of the many effective and quality printing techniques used at JV Digital Printing. It uses heating process through which dyes, pigments, other colourants and wax are used to colour a fabric and other printable sources. A plate method is used wherein the image gets printed first on a substrate and then to the final product which may be cotton or any other printable source.

Printing on the source with the help of reactive printing gives good results. The quality of the print is superior and stays bright for a longer period of time. There is no damage to the cloth or fabric used.

We have talented technicians who know how to handle the equipment which results in offering commendable service to our customers.

You can get your images printed through reactive printing, allowing our service representative to assess your needs and as per the requirement we will suggest suitable medium and other printing details. You can be assured of the quality in our service.

As with the emerging trends in the industry, we keep upgrading our equipment and train our technicians in the related field. Our constant approach is to give the customer the latest technology in the industry. We can proudly claim that we have been successful in our endeavours all these years.

If you have any doubts in this regard or want to meet us for assessing your printing needs, you can email us or contact us through phone. We shall get back to you at the earliest with the necessary information.

We offer our services at very encouraging prices.