Dye Sublimation Printing

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A special computer printer which utilizes heat in order to transfer dye on different mediums like paper, plastic and fabric is called a dye sublimation printer. With the help of dye sublimation printers, we can print lab quality prints at affordable prices. The main difference between inkjet printing and dye sublimation printing is that the colors do not appear as individual dots with dye sublimation as is the case of inkjet prints.

Four colours like black, yellow, magenta and cyan are used in dye sublimation printing. Long rolls of transparent film that resembles cellophane are stuck together from end to another end. While printing, the heat from the print head passes to the film by which the dye gets vaporized and pervades the paper.

The quality produced by dye sublimation printer is superior to that of an inkjet printer. The picture does not fade over a period of time.

We use dye sublimation printing technique to print on synthetic and polyester fabrics. T-shirts, table covers, ID cards, banners, flags and sportswear are the items on which we use the dye sublimation process. The products can be washed normally and the picture does not get distorted or faded. The quality of the print can be compared to that of a photograph. The picture gets printed evenly on the surface of the fabric or paper.

We have qualified personnel to use these latest equipment and we assure you quality service.

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