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JV Digital brings you the latest digital printing technologies. Equipped as we are with the latest and the best Epson Stylus Pro 9880 and 9700 models for textile, canvas and fabric as well as paper printing in high resolution, we have now introduced the latest model printers and technologies to print on a variety of substrates such as foil, wood, metal, glass and ceramics. Our latest printing technologies can even print on canvas and leatherette shoes. From printing on flat substrates the latest technologies allow printing on three dimensional contoured surfaces and JV Digital has the equipments and technologies.

Now you can dream of truly unique and designer styles and translate visions to reality through our latest digital printing technologies. As the most advanced print house in Delhi and North India, we keep abreast with global trends and offer these to you at competitive rates. Whether it is a flat substrate such as canvas, fabric or art paper, a solid substrate of wood, metal or glass or even curved surfaces, we make possible archival quality digital printing of fantastic, vividly colored, striking images on just about any surface and 3-dimensional object.

Always at the forefront when it comes to introducing the latest and the best technologies to India, JV plans to complement its existing range with the latest in latex printing and high speed UV as well as single pass high quality printers to bring you the best at the most affordable rates. If you have a print requirement, we have the solution. Just get in touch with us.