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A rope or cord which is used to carry an object like ID card, whistle etc.; and worn around the neck is known as a lanyard. We are experienced in the field of lanyard printing and have established ourselves as a quality lanyard manufacturer. We cater to bulk orders from offices, corporate, schools and other big companies. We are one of the leading Printed Badge Lanyards manufacturers in Delhi.

The design, style and material used for making of these lanyards depend upon the purpose for which they are being made. The most common material used for making of the lanyards is nylon, polyester, silk and satin. Multicolor lanyards are preferred by most of the customers.

We have the latest technology and equipment for meeting the demands of our customers for making lanyards. We use high quality colours to produce attractive lanyards. These lanyards are long lasting and the colours do not fade.

For choosing the right patterns and colours we have a professional team which is well versed with the requirements of our clients.

All our machinery is upgraded as per the changes in the industry. We strive to be the best in the printing vertical and have a loyal customer base to vouch for our services.

Various techniques are used for the purpose of creating lanyards. Screen printing, heat transfer, offset printing and jacquard loom weaving are some of the options we use for the purpose of making lanyards.

Please contact us on our website to place an enquiry. You can call us on the given phone numbers. Our customer service representative will get back to you at the earliest with the necessary information.